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Buying Tips

1. Find out the models you want by:

Binoculars by size: Browse left column in which all the models are listed by size
Giant binoculars 60-100mm
35-50 mm binoculars
25-42 mm roof prism

Binoculars by use:
Binoculars for astronomy
Binoculars for birding
Marine binoculars
Military binoculars

2. Use Cost performance formula to screen the models.

3. To start to do business, check walkthrough for buying.

About Us

We have been a manufacturer and exporter of binoculars and other optical instruments since 1998. 

We offer very cost-effective binoculars and we do business with our customers in a friendly way.  For these two reasons, we outlast many competitors.


Company Blog

Customers ask many questions and make complaints - to some of them, there are no easy answers or solutions.  We realize that we are not "on the same page".  There is gap and we set up the blog to bridge the gap so that the better answers and solutions can be provided.

You can also get the most updated info about us from our blog.

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Featured Products

25/40x100 painted
7x50 compass FL and 7x50 compass MS LW
25x100 HK
15x70 and 11x70
BT 100 45 on fork mount
7x50 and 10x50 MS
20x80 CB triplet and light weight
40-50mm FB Marine